Our motto is simple:

live healthy, live fresh... live Frésko!

Think of us as your one stop shop to help you maintain your healthy eating habits whether looking for a meal, snack, a drink or just a coffee.

Our lifestyles are fast-paced and constantly on the go with no signs of slowing down, so most of us have bad eating habits and are unaware of the products and ingredients that are going into our bodies. Processed food is abundant and eating fresh can seem nearly impossible.

That’s why we wanted to introduce a healthier way of eating, especially while on the go.

Our Goal

Our Story

It all started one day with a summer's walk in the heart of Oak Park. Two friends were searching to an alternative to the frozen yogurt & ice cream scene. They thought back to the way their Greek grandmothers would create the perfect bowl of home-made strained yogurt and top it off with honey and nuts. Nostalgia and longing set in for a new project; a project that would made them feel like home and spread the Greek hospitality to their visitors.

Finding the right location was easy; Oak Park reflected this healthy & fresh lifestyle in the mindful eating habits and the active way the people live their lives.